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Careless Driving Solicitors

A person is to be regarded as driving without due care and attention / driving carelessly if (and only if) the way they drive falls below what would be expected of a competent and careful driver. An example of this type of driving may be: -

  • Eating or drinking whilst driving.
  • Using a Sat Nav or changing a radio station
  • Coming out of a side junction into the path of another vehicle
  • Overtaking on the inside

Looking for Death By Careless Driving?

The section this offence is charged under and the recommended maximum sentence for careless driving, on conviction, is as follows: -

Section 3 Road Traffic Act 1988

9 penalty points, disqualification (court discretion) OR Band C fine

You will require specialist advice to consider whether it can be shown by the prosecution that your standard of driving fell below that of a ´competent and careful driver´. In the event that this is not accepted, specialist representation will be required to challenge the prosecutions case. A challenge to such a case often requires the cross examination of prosecution witnesses with regards to the evidence that they give. This can be done by your motoring law specialist leaving you to simply relate to the court your recollection of events.

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New Extended Powers

From August 2013 the police have been given extended powers to issue fixed penalty and 3 penalty points for the offence of careless driving such as: -

  • driving too close to the vehicle in front
  • overtaking and pushing into a queue of traffic
  • being in the wrong lane and pushing into a queue on a roundabout

You do not have to accept the fixed penalty if you disagree with the allegation of careless driving. If you wish to challenge and appeal the penalty then our solicitors can assist.

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