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Driving Without Insurance

The offence of driving without insurance is using (or causing or permitting to be used) a motor vehicle on a road or other public place when there is not in force a policy of insurance or security against third party risks.

The recommended maximum sentence and the section this offence, driving without insurance, is charged under is as follows: -

Section 143 Road Traffic Act 1988

disqualification (at discretion of the court), Band C fine and 6 penalty points

Note that the offence is not "knowingly using a vehicle without insurance." Accordingly the prosecution need not prove that you knew that the vehicle wasn´t covered by insurance and the absence of knowledge is not considered to be a defence to the charge. Although there is such a defence open to employees driving work vehicles.

However if you have been misled into believing that you were covered by a policy of insurance and it turns out that you were not so covered or if you feel that there other exceptional circumstances attached to your case we would urge you to contact one of our Motoring Solicitors. Your Road Traffic Lawyer may be able to persuade the court that no punishment whatsoever should follow; that means no penalty points, no fine and no court costs!

Getting Advice and Representation

As this offence, if convicted carries a sentence of 6 penalty points, a financial penalty and possibly a driving ban we strongly recommend you speak to a motoring solicitor as soon as possible.

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